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This product contains approximately 120 grocery supermarket chains. Each chain has no less than 7 locations. Updated 2x/Month.

Companies: 123
General Contact Names: 10
Phone Numbers: 123
Fax Numbers: 31
Email Addresses: 30
HQ Mailing Addresses: 123 (Address, City, State, Zip, USA)
Square Footage Minimum Entries: 123
Square Footage Maximum Entries: 123
Frontage Minimum Entries: 1
Frontage Maximum Entries: 1
Parking Information Entries: 2
Traffic Requirement Entries: 0
Median Income Entries: 0
Population Requirement Entries: 2
Mall Type Entries: 123
Drive thru Preference: 123
URL to Website: 123
URL to Company’s Real Estate Page: 11
URL to Submit Real Estate: 6
URL to Parent Company: 27
State Contacts: Under 5 per state

This includes the Company Name, Company Category, Number Locations, General Name, Phone Number, Fax Number, Email Address, Company Mailing Address, Company City, Company State, Company Zip, Square Footage Min, Square Footage Max, Frontage Min, Frontage Max, Minimum Parking, Traffic, Median Income, Population, Prefer Free Standing, Prefer Strip Mall, Prefer Community Mall, Prefer Regional Mall, Prefer Endcap, Prefer Drivethru, URL to Web, URL to Real Estate Page, URL to Submit Real Estate Site, URL to Parent Company, State Contact State, State Contact Name, State Contact Mailing Address, State Contact City, State Contact Zip, State Contact Phone, and State Contact Email.

Bold = Guaranteed included information.
Italics = Frequently included information but not guaranteed.
Normal = Our best efforts to find this information, but often infrequent and not guaranteed to be included.
For more information please visit our homepage.

The square footage determined in this package is based on the minimum square footage of each chain. In this package you’ll receive 1) a PDF report electronically through a flashdrive in the mail, and 2) an excel (.csv) report electronically included in the flashdrive,

This package will help you find a quality tenant for your retail space!
FREE 2 Day Shipping Included!

Addons available:
$149 for retail real estate space directory inclusion (when chains ask us if we have any available properties that meet their requirements – we’ll point them toward you!)

Refund Policy: No Refunds in this product’s entirety, but there are refunds on parts of its data if any parts are considered defective. Learn more about our refund policy.
You May Not: Sell, publish, license, allow access, or give away the any of the purchased data in its current form or any other form. Please prepare any computer’s security before purchasing our products. Learn more about our terms & conditions.

2 reviews for Grocery/Supermarket Chains

  1. 5 out of 5

    Excellent list of supermarkets. I was able to thoroughly go through the data and contact all the chains with no problem. My empty store now has a trader joes occupying the location for the next 10 years!

  2. 4 out of 5

    Solid list of headquarter and real estate contacts. Thank you. A+

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